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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2024 in Style at Johnnie Fox’s!

Greetings, Foxes and Friends! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and at Johnnie Fox’s, we’ve got the craic covered for an unforgettable celebration! This year, we’re pulling out all the stops with our special St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza, making it the ultimate destination for your festivities.

Here’s why you should make Johnnie Fox’s your St. Patrick’s Day headquarters:

1. Matinée Hooley Show: Double the Fun!

On both Saturday, March 16th, and Sunday, March 17th, we’re kicking off the celebrations with not just one but two Matinée Hooley Shows! Join us for an afternoon filled with traditional Irish music, Irish dancing show, along with a three-course meal. It’s the perfect way to soak in the festive spirit with your family during the day.

2. Evening Hooley: Keep the Celebrations at an all-time high!

As the sun sets on St. Patrick’s Day, our Evening Hooley promises to keep the celebrations going strong. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, top-notch entertainment, and an extensive selection of drinks to toast to the patron saint of Ireland. The festivities continue to midnight, ensuring a memorable celebration for all.

3. Live Music Sessions All Day: A Musical Journey

At Johnnie Fox’s, we believe that music is the heartbeat of any celebration. That’s why we have live music sessions throughout the entire pub, ensuring a lively and spirited ambiance from morning til night. Immerse yourself in the sounds of traditional Irish tunes and let the music transport you to the heart of Ireland.

4. Scenic Surroundings: Where Tradition Meets Nature

Nestled in the picturesque Dublin Mountains, Johnnie Fox’s offers a unique setting that combines tradition with the beauty of nature. Whether you’re enjoying a matinée show or sipping a pint during a live music session, our location adds an extra layer of charm to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

5. Unmatched Hospitality: Fox Family Welcomes You

At Johnnie Fox’s, we’re not just a pub; we’re a family. Our friendly staff are dedicated to ensuring you have the best St. Patrick’s Day experience possible. From traditional Irish dishes to the perfect pint of Guinness, we’re here to make your celebration truly special.

So, mark your calendars, gather your friends, and make your way to Johnnie Fox’s for an authentic St. Patrick’s Day celebration like no other. We can’t wait to share the craic with you this March 17th!


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